Saturday, October 16, 2010

Great, Great Grandpa Mr. Bones

I ran across this antique image on the internet and just knew it would be fitting for our Halloween decor.  I printed it, backed it with black paper and framed it to place next to the front door.  We tell the neighborhood kids a whole tall tale about how this was Mr. Bones' Great, Great Grandfather and tell them about all the great (ahem...outlandish) things  he did during his life (i.e. helped build the Brooklyn Bridge, fought it two wars, invented the ice cream cone...the list goes on and on).  I know silly, but everyone gets a kick out of it...especially me and my sweet hubby.  My husband even has a funny/strange first name for him, that escapes me at the moment.  It really makes the little ones stop and think for a minute or two. It also adds to the "mystic" of the bony fella who likes to ride through our front garden each fall.  
Blessings, Tracy

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