Thursday, October 14, 2010

Creepy Hanging Spiders & Fading Ghosts....OH, MY!

Here is a quick video showing the Creepy Hanging Spiders that we hang on our front porch each Halloween.  I have not put out the rest of the porch decor yet, but this will give you an idea of how these guys look while they are swaying in the wind.  I have also added a close up our Fading Ghost Silhouettes at the end of the video.  
Excuse the video quality, this is subject I know (less than) nothing about putting together. 
P.S. - The first section is pretty narrow, but give it a second, it will expand with the next shot.

**Update - Ok, Ok!  From what I am hearing, some people can see the video, but most say they can not.  Not sure what the hang up is, maybe it's a Mac vs. PC issue.  If you can't see the above video, try this link.  There is no music in the youtube version, but you will be able to see the video.

The music in the video is called "Dr. Sayer".  It is from the Awakenings soundtrack, which was written by the Randy Newman.  Yes, the same Randy Newman that wrote the song "Short People".  Come on now...he really is a very talent composer.  Although I have many "favorite" movie soundtracks, this really is in the top ten for me.  The music is beautiful and has haunted me since I first saw the movie.  I have many favorites on this soundtrack, but another track that I am quite fond of is a piano piece called "Dexter's Tune".  Last time I checked, it is nearly impossible to find the CD, but I think it is available on ITunes.  

Blessings, Tracy

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