Thursday, May 6, 2010

So pretty!

Just returned home from work late this evening, to see this out our front window.  Not the best picture, but it really shows how stunning our Prairie Fire Crap tree is each spring!  We up light our front trees, columns and the architectural peaks of our house with landscape lighting.  This lighting really accents our home and landscaping, but for about a week each spring...all anyone can focus on is the beauty of this crab tree's spring blossoms.

Blessing, Tracy

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I guess we had a storm last night?

I woke up to find small piles of hail all over our yard.  When I called my husband at work this morning, he informed me that we had a storm while I was working last evening.  Hello...I guess we had a storm!  I couldn't believe all of the hail that was still unmelted 15+ hours later.

We are lucky, since over the past three years (each time in May), we have been hit by damaging hail storms TWICE!  We're talking serious hail...the size of baseballs!  We have had to replace our siding & shakes, our roof (twice), our screens on our screened in porch, window screens, air conditioning repairs, garage doors repairs, chipped cedar columns, damaged plants, etc.  We can pretty much tell you from experience, not much is left undamaged when you have hail that size.
We have also been very fortunate in the weather department.  In the past 8 years, there have been two tornados that hit within 2-3 miles of our house.  Both were serious storms that caused a lot of damage, but the most recent tornado (5 yrs. ago) destroyed many homes and ended up killing one person.  Because of this, I know that we are lucky just to wake up every morning and still have our health and home (hail damaged or not)!

I know you must be thinking, "What kind of Bermuda Triangle of weather did you people move into?!"  I think the same thing every time a storm is in our forecast.
Just so you know....I will be holding my breath and keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of this month!

Blessings, Tracy

Monday, May 3, 2010

How does our garden grow?

Spring is definitely here!  Our plant beds are coming to life and our crab tree is starting to bloom.  Everything looks so fresh, healthy and new!

Blessing, Tracy