Thursday, October 29, 2009

UH...OH!! Houston, we have a problem!

My frickin' camera died!  I guess that's what I get for talking trash about it a few posts back.  I won't have time to buy a new one before Halloween, so I think that's it for pictures for this year. I was hoping to finish setting up the rest of our Halloween decor tomorrow and take pictures on Saturday.  I know....I am so behind this year!  I planned on posting a final Halloween picture blitz on Saturday or Sunday.  I'm so disappointed! 

Behold, the last 3 pictures it took during it's final gasps for air. The last one is kind of creepy looking!

Well, (with my head hung low and swear words possibly slipping out of my mouth) I'm off to make my second cheesecake of the day.  We have 15 people coming over for a big Halloween dinner tomorrow night.   WHY..OH...WHY couldn't it hold on just 2-3 more days!!! 

Blessings, Tracy

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