Sunday, November 1, 2009

WANTED!! Dangerous fugitive!

ATTENTION : We are looking for this dangerous lawbreaking fugitive!

Have you seen this cat?
Name - Stella
   DOB - 6/16/04
   Height - 15 inch
   Weight - 8.2 lbs
a.k.a - Stella Bean, Bean, Nella, Nell, Nellevator, Nelly Belly 
Known to have many aliases.

Wanted for brutally attacking (on several occasions) this crow.
A witness reported seeing a medium haired tabby fleeing from the scene of the latest atack, leaving the victim badly injured. The victim lost an eye in earlier attacks and several tail feathers in the most recent attack.

If you see this fugitive, call police immediately.  Do not approach this fugitive, as she is known to be armed and dangerous....oh yes, and naughty.  If I didn't adore her so much, she would be in a heap of trouble.

Blessings, Tracy

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  1. There was a similar crime at my house involving a kitchen sponge! It was taken and mutilated while no one was looking...