Sunday, November 1, 2009

Somebody up there doesn't like me!

Today, I sadly started taking down and packing away our Halloween decor.  While taking a little break, I saw my darn broken down camera sitting on the counter....taunting me (I say).  I picked it up, turned it on and found it was "kind of" working again.  It was having brief breakdowns still, but I was able to snap a few pictures.  I am annoyed that I missed so many photos in the last 2 days and now that I have packed away or dismantled about a 1/2 of our Halloween decor, it decides to work again.  Here is a few of the pictures I was able to snap between breakdowns. 

Tall jar of bones. 
You can buy these jars really cheap at Marshalls & TJ Max.

Short jar of skulls

Our Guest Bath

Close up of framed quote in bath. 

This quote is from the Metallica song, Enter Sandman.  Not a Metallica fan, but thought this quote was priceless for Halloween.  It took me 10-15 minutes to put together - Printed out quote, burned edges of the paper and backed with a piece of black construction paper, framed in a Goodwill $1.99 frame.  I would have liked to age the paper, but this was done just before my dinner guest arrived.  Our guests really got a kick out of it.

Guest bath 2

Missing a shot of framed vintage (creepy) photo that I had already packed.  It was sitting next to this folk art skeleton figurine, in our guest bath.

Living room skulls

Living room - skull in a basket

Skull & owl on top of Fridge

Bat silhouette hanging in spare bedroom window (shot from inside).
See this post for a brief "How To" on making these silhouettes.
Man silhouette hanging in guest bedroom (again shot from inside).

Missing our last silhouette.  I already removed and stored our "Witch and Caldron" silhouettes that hang in a double window in our master bedroom.  Maybe I'll get a shot next year.

Bought these 3 vintage ghost figures at an Estate Sale.

Two (of many) lit pumpkins

Owl hanging out on a curtain rod in dining room

Pumpkin figurine.

Vintage looking treat bucket

Halloween Cake Server

Cake server with skull and mouse. 

Skull in fruit dish

Living room table skull

Crow (with pearls) on mantel

Owl on antique mantel clock

Mesh covered pumpkins

Large owl on top of kitchen cupboards

Crow and twig pumpkins on top of kitchen cupboards

Crows, twig pumpkins and flying pig....oh my!

On top of kitchen cabinet.  Fall colored dishes.

I wanted to get some update porch and outdoor decor pictures this year, but sadly we already packed it up late last night.

If I find other things as I pack I will try to snap some additional photos.

Blessings, Tracy

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  1. I like you Halloween decor - especially the glass jars. Thanks for the tip on those. I will definitely search my local Marshall's for them.