Wednesday, December 15, 2010


We had to go remove some 4+ foot snow drifts from my mom's roof yesterday.  She was in the 20 inch range from the snow storm last weekend.  After blowing and drifting, her house and roof were buried. The bad thing about removing snow from a roof, is that when it falls to the ground, it packs really hard.  This make shoveling miserable.  First, you almost have a heart attack struggling to get the snow off the roof, then shoveling the (packed) snow from the driveway and sidewalk almost killed us.  It doesn't look it, but the snow bank on the right side of the sidewalk is just shy of 5 feet high, at the tallest point.  I'm 5'8", so it was up to my shoulders.

I ache so badly this morning, that it almost hurts to take a deep breath. GOD FORBID I have to cough...ouch.

Blessings, Tracy

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