Tuesday, March 12, 2013

God grant me the serenity....a new puppy!

Norman's mom was a Chihuahua and his dad was a Yorkie, which makes him "Chorkie". Day 1 with us. He was 3 months old and just under 4 lbs.  
Last fall, a better shot of his mustache and beard.
Norman about a month ago.  10 months old and 11 pounds, pretty much full grown (we think).

We haven't had a dog for 18 years and had discussed "maybe" getting another dog "someday."  Then Norman became available and was pretty much dropped in our laps last summer (they guilted us horribly for months, knowing I have a soft heart). We are not really small dog people either, so it has been an different experience for us.  This dog NEVER stops (moving, barking, chasing, jumping, playing, shredding mail/paper, CHEWING ON MY ANTIQUE CHEST, destroying paint brushes & toys, "jackassing" around, you name it)!  Full of piss and vinegar.  He thinks he is the center of the universe and can't understand why everyone (cats, humans, neighbors, birds, kids walking by to school, etc.) is not giving him their full and constant attention.  Having such an active and tiny pup has really been an adjustment and a test of patiences for our household, both cats and humans. 

Most days, I can't almost believe that we have an 11 lbs. dog AND huge owls and several full grown eagles that nest within a mile from our home....f0r crying out loud!  He is turning me into a nut.  Whenever he is outside, I  run around the back yard looking up in the sky (my neighbors think I'm crazy).  Within a 5 minute period, I can swing from "I am going to kill you" or "Are you out of your f@*#ing mind" to an "aww" moment...EASILY about 12 times. Making my Christmas ornaments this year was nearly impossible.  While I was sitting at our kitchen island, trying to concentrate while painting intricate/detailed lines, this dog would sit on the floor next to my chair and jump up (waist high) and down continuously for half hour periods.  "LOOK AT ME! PAY ATTENTION TO ME! LOOK AT ME!!" I am one of this biggest animal lovers you will ever meet and I thought I was going to KILL him.

God grant me the serenity to survive this pup.  I love him dearly, but fear he is going to be the death of me or I him. AMEN!

Please send your best set of patience my way.


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  1. I haven't stopped by in a while! I just love your new puppy Norman! A chorkie! What a great mash up! I'm sure he'll learn your ways and mellow with age. Have you heard reports of large birds of prey snatching little dogs in your area? Holy Cow!! I'd be out there too looking out for the little guy. Have a great day, and enjoy your pup!