Friday, November 12, 2010

Do You Hear The Angels Singing?

I have to admit that we occasionally waste money on things that are not that important, but when it comes to the items that makes every day life easier...we are tight fisted with the cash.  Not sure what that says about us, but I know it probably means we have some deep seated issues that I'm not sure I want to know about.  We generally keep things FOREVER!!  We have a hard time replacing something if the one we have works perfectly fine or at least is serving the purpose. So, making a new purchase is a big fat hair deal for us!   
We finally got tired of playing the mismatched food storage container game.  This game has two parts.  The first part of this challenge is to try to get ONE food storage container out of the cupboard without every single piece popping out.  Note - you can earn extra points for actually retrieving the exact size you need.  The second part, is to try and find a matching lid to this container.  OK, you have five minutes to complete this task...GO!  
After years of discussing us getting some new food storage containers, we finally took the plunge (a.k.a. - I had an unstable moment in Target).  I purchased the new Rubbermaid "Easy Find Lids" food storage system.  The beauty of this set, is the lids snap on to the bottom of the container and each other, so they STACK and NEST neatly.  I checked out the box sets and settled on the 20 piece set (10 containers with matching tops), which came with a bonus 11th "Produce Saver" container and lid.  Be careful when purchasing box sets.  Take note what size containers and how many of each size are included in the different sets.  I found the larger set (at Target) just gave you additional ultra tiny containers that most people rarely use.  To supplement the set I purchased, I bought a mix of 4 commonly used larger sized container (7, 9 & 14 cup).  The total was about $30 for 15 pieces.  You can find these cheaper if you shop around...which I did not, since I lost my ever living mind in isle 32 at Target.  
I can't believe how nice our cabinet looks.  It created room for us to move some items around, thus freeing up storage space in other cabinets.

Believe me, the items on the bottom two shelves are CRAMMED in there tightly. One wrong move and they will all spring out of like one of those joke cans filled with snakes. You know, the ones that scare the hell out of you when you take the lid off and they all pop out! Does anyone else remember this practical joke back from days of yore?


Yep, I hear those angels singing too.

Blessings, Tracy

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