Monday, March 15, 2010

New Family Member

I know that I have been MIA, but life has been so busy.  I've had a hard time dragging myself back to the computer to update.  We are having an unbelievably warm February & March up here in the frozen tundra of Minnesota.  It was 64 degrees yesterday, which is pretty much unheard of for this time of year.

Last Tuesday we adopted a new 8 week old kitten from the Humane Society.  We have not gotten around to naming the little fella yet, but we are close.  This little guy is super sweet, although our two existing kitties are not feeling so happy about our "new addition" as of yet.

We thought about this long and hard, but decided to get another kitty since one of our other cats, Stella, has been really struggling since her pal/sleeping buddy died last summer.  We thought as time went by she would start to come around, but she really has changed.  She initially lost weight & has taken to hiding/spending hours under the bed since he died.  She really is a sweet kitty that needs a friend & she and her sister, Lily, don't see eye to eye. Stella would have liked to be friends with Lily at one time, but Lily (whom I also adore) is just a moody little crab & wasn't having it.  Stella was always close to her brothers & especially close to our sweet Kitty Kat (we use his image as our profile picture). This is why we picked a black and white kitty, hoping it would ease the transition.  Our fingers are crossed that things will turn around.

This is him peeking at us from his Humane Society carrier.  
I think it is cute that it says, "Family Member Enclosed".
The poor little guys looks so scared when we first opened the box.
A (rare) calm and still moment...he doesn't have many.  
He is enjoying the sun on our screened in porch!
Most of his moments (& my pictures) are like this!  Running, playing, running! Man, if you could only bottle that energy...

We adore him.  Now if the girls would only come around. Again....fingers crossed.

Blessings, Tracy

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