Friday, October 9, 2009

Progress....Goodwill items transformed into Witch's Shoes!

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  1. Three pairs of Goodwill shoes.  The two pair of boots were used for parts and extra leather.
  2. Orginal prices crossed out for discount bin.  Final price $1.49 each.
  3. High heel that will be transformed into witch shoe.
  4. Long boot during deconstruction process.  Next to boot is a buckle shape, which was cut out of white craft foam.
  5. Photo (sorry, dark shot) of split in heel.
  6. Made the shoe's pointed tip out of paper clay.  Painted & sealed before gluing on to shoe.
  7. Shoe with leather cover.  I attached this over the front of the shoe & paper clay tip with Welders all purpose household glue.  This sleeve was sewn out of leather from Goodwill boots.
  8. Second picture of shoes.
  9. Glued heel split (see image 5) together and covered with black glitter.
  10. Craft foam buckles, painted with silver paint & covered with fine silver glitter. Drying before being attached to shoes.
I just have to add the (exaggerated) shoe tongue and the buckle & strap.  Check back tonight or tomorrow to see our finished Witch's shoes! 

Blessings, Tracy

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    1. oh my gosh that is amazing!!! love the glitter....I need to get myself one of these!
      If you would like please check out my blog for a giveaway :