Monday, September 14, 2009

Herman Munster

As I have said before, we have little children in our neighborhood, so we try to have a spooky....but tame Halloween theme.  Our Herman Munster picture is a fun and easy project that people get a kick out of.

I noticed in this picture, that poor Herman's spiders & webs need some serious readjusting.
Here's our quick how to -
  1. I ordered a Herman Munster poster from somewhere like or a similar site. I think it was $4 dollars at the time.
  2. We found a few 1x4 rough cedar planks in a home building site dumpster, near our home. We were lucky to find 4 pieces that were long enough to make the sides of our frame.
  3. We cut the planks to make a rough frame (no mitered corners), attaching the pieces with glue and back brackets.
  4. The year we were made this, we were way behind with our Halloween decorating, so we attached the poster to a piece of cardboard & (because of time crunch) we actually just duct taped the picture into the frame. We meant to go back & redo it, although I'm embarrassed to is still duct taped to this day. :-O
  5. We put two screws in the back of the frame & added picture wire for hanging.
  6. We draped the frame with some fake spider webs & a few plastic spiders.
  7. Since we don't want extra holes in our walls, we hang it every year with a 3M Command Removable Hook. These work like a dream!
The sad thing is that pretty much none of the kids (& I think one or two of their very young parents) even know who Herman Munster is!!   It is a sad world we are living in when Herman Munster has been all but forgotten.... ;-)

Blessings, Tracy

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