Monday, November 8, 2010

OMG!! When I say him...I nearly had an "Art Attack"!

I attended the "Art Attack" open studio event at the Northrup King Building yesterday.  The Northrup King Building is home to over 200 tenants including a creative center to over 190 artist as well as various small business and nonprofit organizations.  I go there several times a year for their open studios events.  I always walk out feeling inspired by all of the beautiful art.  I also love seeing the artist's work spaces, including the tools they use and seeing the works they have in progress.  Most of the artist are very nice and willing to discuss their work, their educational backgrounds and the processes they use to create their pieces.  Some occasionally have demos during these open studio events and a few regularly teach classes at their studio.  There are many wonderful artist in this building, but two studios that I always make a point of seeing are SoMi Tileworks and Sharra Frank Fine Art Mosaics.  Kirsten Walstead is the artist behind SoMi Tileworks.  She makes these beautiful, chunky tiles and tile collages, that I am in so love with.  I do think her website could use some updating to show a better representation of her beautiful collages, including many of her newer pieces.  I also think it is hard to grasp from the pictures how beautiful these pieces are in person.  Sharra Frank's studio is like a magical wonderland for me.  I swear I feel energized by her creativity.  It's like a drug for me.  She makes spectacular mosaic pieces and her studio is filled to the brim with beads, gems and interesting objects she uses in her art.  Unlike my work space, her supplies are all artfully arranged like a Macy's Christmas display.

While nearing the end of my tour, I noticed a tall gentleman walking in front of me.  He was wearing black jeans, red converse style high top tennis shoes, a black leather coat and he had a great looking dark faux hawk (not everyone can pull off this look well).  As he turned his head to talk to one of his friends, I saw the side of his face and my heart nearly stopped!  I remained calm, but in my head I was screaming, " that Christopher Straub from Project Runway?!"  I am a huge Project Runway fan, so this was a surreal moment for me.  I am also one of those (stupid) people who always thinks I should leave celebrities alone while they are enjoying their leisure time, so I didn't say anything to him.  HELLO...CHRISTOPHER STRAUB....I'm not sure what the hell I was thinking when I made that crazy decision.  Yes, in the end, I left the poor man alone.  But 
on the inside, I was seriously jumping up and down, clapping my hands and screaming, "I love you Christopher Straub!! I love you!!"  We were in the last few studios together and while he was enjoying the art, I was struggling to keep myself from staring at him.  I got all excited a second time when a crazy thought crossed my mind that Christopher knows Tim Gunn, one of the regulars/host on Project Runway, whom I also ADORE (cue the internal screaming and jumping up and down).  I hope he didn't notice the goofy looks I was giving him.  I was pitiful! 

Here are a few pictures of Christopher recreating some of the looks I may have given him while we were enjoying the studio tours. OK, I may have been stalking him. 

Well, I enjoyed a beautiful fall day, looked at some wonderful art and was lucky enough to run into...OMG, Christopher Straub!!  Most importantly, I escaped the day without any restraining orders.

Blessings, Tracy


  1. HA!!!!

    You should have said "HI" to me!!!



  2. Ha, Ha...there Anonymous! I think you may be trying to tease my tender psyche.
    But if by some slim chance you are (OMG) Christopher Straub..."I love you! I love you! I love you....Christopher Straub!" ;-)

    Blessings, Tracy