Thursday, April 22, 2010

Target Field

Last Friday, we were lucky enough to attend the first evening Twins game at Target Field. My husband's coworker had two tickets he couldn't use, so he gave them to us. Whoo Hoo! It was a little chilly, but so fun! The Twins won this game 10-3 against the Kansas City Royals. 

There were good and bad things about the new stadium. Not sure why I was surprised that the new stadium would be configured so differently than the old Metrodome, but I guess I assumed they would be similar in layout. So, this being our first time in the new stadium, we found the new layout somewhat confusing. One of the biggest flaws we found in the stadium design was that you can not see the massive (main) video board when seated in certain areas. We were seated in deep left field (ahem….section V) and couldn't see this screen. Because of this, we missed a lot of replays and the general (between play & inning) entertainment that is shown on this screen. They do have another large screen across the right field, but this showed current baseball scores from around the country for the majority of the game. I noted maybe 3 replays being shown on this screen. Unless I’m missing something.....COME ON Target Field!!  I think you could break away from the “up to the minute” scores in right field to share with EVERYONE what is being shown on the main video board.  Last but not least, the seating seemed a little tighter than it was at the dome.  I have also heard from friends that the rake (slope) of some seats is not as severe as it was at the dome.  Because of this, it is important the people in front of you not have big hair, not wear big hats & are nice enough to stay seated in order for you to enjoy the game. ;-)

The food....well, my husband bought the hotdog, which turned out to be about 10 inches long and generally huge all over. After I saw this monstrosity, I decided to get the chicken breast sandwich. Um, warning to others....I do not suggest the chicken breast sandwich. No good! We also tried the fries which were pretty good. 

I know some of this stuff (like the layout) we'll just have to get used to.  We’ll also have to do some serious taste testing, to determine the good and bad snack and food items.  Please don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of wonderful things about our beautiful new stadium, I was just surprised at the few issues we ran into. I guess we'll have to go to a few more games and get familiar with the stadium before we have a final verdict.
Blessings, Tracy

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