Monday, September 14, 2009

Question about Mr. Bones...

Patty emailed me, with a few questions about our handsome Mr. Bones...

If you haven't already read the "Introducing Mr. Bones" post, see below.

 She was wondering about the rebar and his spine support in general and asking if I had any close up pictures of the rebar that holds him on his bike.  She also asks for close up shots of how his feet and hands are attached.  

First off, Mr. Bone's spine is very strong and sturdy.  Yep, he's a milk drinker! ;-) In other words, it wouldn't just flop around without the rebar support.  The spine bones are all fused together with (I'm assuming) some kind of rod inside.  If you look at the picture, in the "Creepy Hanging Spider" post, of the skeleton on my front porch (Mr. Bone's, yet to be named, partner in crime), he is pretty much sitting up straight on his own.  His arms are supporting his torso.

After chasing him around in our basement, I was finally able to snap a few pictures of our elusive Mr. Bones -

Here you can see the rebar, through his rib cage, mimicking his spine. 

Here is a side view of a section of his spine, with zip ties.

Here is a view of the bike seat, from front to back.

Here a second shot of the bike seat, from back to front.

Here is a (poor) shot of the underside of the bike seat, from the rear, with the rebar poking through.

Here's a picture of his hand. His thumb, of course, is wrapped around the other side of the handle. You can barely see a small black zip tie, in between his middle and ring finger, securing his hand to the handle.
Oops, it looks like I need to straighten the tip of his index finger.

Here's a picture of one of his feet. You can see a larger white zip tie, on the outside of his foot, securing his foot to the pedal.

In the pictures above, the rebar and zip ties look really visible, but they do blend in when you see him in person.

Hope these pictures help. Good luck with your Halloween decor Patty!

P.S. If you would like to read about Mr. Bones' Great, Great Grandfather, see this post.

Blessings, Tracy

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  1. All of your Halloween decor is so classy! It is fun and sophisticated without going overboard. Great Job!