Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Anniversary....Brother Dear!

My darling brother and his sweet wife are celebrating their second wedding anniversary today. Whoo Hoo!! Also....EEK, I can't believe it has been two years already! 

My brother didn't find the "right" girl until he was a little older (ahem...40), so they were both pretty well established, household wise, by the time they married. Since they had no "real" need for wedding gifts, my sister's husband came up with a fun joke to play on the happy couple. He suggested that everyone go to a local thrift store and purchase a used toaster to give as a wedding gift. I decided that I wanted to add a fun personal touch to the toaster I planned to give, so I looked for one that would be easy to paint. I found the perfect $5 toaster at Goodwill. I ended up painting a cheesy tattoo-ish looking design on the side. If you were lucky enough to know my darling baby brother, who may I add has a very healthy sense of humor, you would realize this design was the perfect fit. I was even surprised, when it turned out much better than I had expected. Really cute!! 

At the reception, my brother and his wife were surprised to find a stack of gifts waiting to be opened. It was funny to watch them open box after box, each containing a used toaster. As we watched them open their gifts, I realized there must have been a secondary competition going on between some of the guest as to who could find the weirdest or grossest used toaster EVER. I have to say, there was some doozies in the mix. When my brother opened ours, he said, "Please tell me this one is new?!" They liked it so much, they still display this toaster on top of their kitchen cabinets. As the night went on, all of the guest chuckled at the thought of the happy couple hauling all of these toasters back to their local Goodwill and trying to explain themselves. Oh....the memories! ;-) 

Blessings, Tracy

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