Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Those Angels are Singing Again?

After digging through several of my OH SO messy drawers...just looking for 1 (frickin') item, I decided that I could not take it another day!  Last Friday, I drove directly to The Container Store and purchased a boat load of "Interdesign" clear drawer organizing bins. I decided on this brand, since they had both a 2 and 3 inch deep version of these bins. From past experience, I was tired of shallow drawer organizing bins that hold maybe one brush or tube of toothpaste and leave a lot of wasted space remaining up to the top of each drawer. Since we could fit the deeper bins in our drawers, I bought these in several different sizes and shapes.
Over the weekend, I tried different bin combinations to find the best way to utilize each drawer and the items that I kept in them.  I organized the top drawers in 3 bathrooms (5 drawers total) and our huge junk drawer in the kitchen.
Now that it is completed, I find myself wandering around the house randomly opening drawers...just to feel the rush of happiness when I see how tidy they look.  My husband even noticed and gave me a compliment on how nicely organized everything is.
As you might see in the pictures below, I got so excited I forgot to remove the tags/packaging from a few of the bins.  I will have to go back and do that.  I also have to return the bins that I didn't end up using.


Here are picture of just of few of my bathroom drawers.

Whoo Hoo!!! My drawers look amazing!

If you decide to do this, search the web for coupons before heading out.  I found a 10% off coupon, just for signing up to The Container Store's website.  I use a secondary email address for things like this.  This way my main email mailbox doesn't get clogged up with sale ads and advertisements.

Blessings, Tracy

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