Monday, October 11, 2010

A Fascinating Place to Visit!

I recently visited the Accent Store Fixtures warehouse in Minneapolis.  This business sells new and used store fixtures and I have to say, it is a fascinating place.  I am a big antique/salvage yard or warehouse type of person, so this was right up my alley.  It's like a huge store fixture graveyard.  

For anyone looking for mannequins or mannequin parts to use in your Halloween decor, you need to find a place like this in your area.  I thought "most" items were fairly priced.  Although, I do think you need to visit the warehouse to find the best deals.  I found the prices to be generally cheaper than listed on their website, especially on slightly "dinged up" mannequin.  Most of the dings in these mannequins you wouldn't even notice unless they were left standing naked in your front yard.   Here are pictures of just a small sampling of  items this business carries.
Here you can see the styrofoam male mannequin heads I used to make my Mummy Heads. They were $5 each. You can see my Mummy Heads here and here.

Love the Superman pose the guy on the left is pulling off.


LOVED these life sized styrofoam torsos. I thought they were a good deal at $15 each!  These would work great (lightweight option) for anyone interested in making a "Witch's Urn" like mine.  I did see regular mannequin torsos similar to the ones I used for $30.

They have great wall organizational basket systems.

Display cases and racks up the wazoo!

Colorful rolls of ticket stock.

Blessings, Tracy

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